Margie and Joanna Visit in April 2015

Margie and Joanna visited Chicago in April to visit and celebrate 4 birthdays at one time since we do not see each other that often.  Bruce’s birthday is in January,  Margie’s is in April while Joanna and I celebrate birthdays in July.

They arrived by bus at Navy Pier and we visited Millenium Park and the Bean.  The birthdays were celebrated at Bub City Bar-B-Cue.  The highlight of the visit was the visit to the John Hancock Tower an the Tilt where the window on the 95th floor actually moves and tilts out over the city.  It was scary but I survived.

BubCityBirthdays (1) BubCityBirthdays (2) BubCityBirthdays (3) BubCityBirthdays (4) BubCityJoanna HancockTowerTiltJoanna MargieJoannaBean MargieJoannaBean2 ViewFromHancockTower (1) ViewFromHancockTower (2)

Northeast Trip to Vermont, Montreal and Toronto

The American MGB Association’s annual car show, Meet 2014 was held in Stowe, Vermont.  This meant a another long drive by the officers to bring out the club items to the show.  This includes the table, chairs, tent, membership items and club regalia.

There were stops in getting to the show including Westlake, Ohio outside of Cleveland for lunch at the B Spot and VarsityPizzaSyracuseUniv (2) VarsityPizzaSyracuseUniv (1) TorontoStreets TorontoSkyline (3) TorontoSkyline (2) TorontoSkyline (1) TheBSpotWestlakeOH StoweVTStreets (7) StoweVTStreets (4) StoweVTStreets (2) PoutineMcDonalds OttawaParliamentBuildings (3) OttawaParliamentBuildings (1) OldMontreal (3) OldMontreal (1) NotreDameUSouthBend MontrealSmokedMeatPoutine (4) MontrealSmokedMeatPoutine (3) MontrealSmokedMeatPoutine (2) MontrealSmokedMeatPoutine (1) MontrealProtestors MontrealMtRoyal (2) Meet2014RentalVolvo LakeChamplainBurlingtonVT (3) HarrisonsStoweVT CottageInnPizzaAnnArbor (2) CottageInnPizzaAnnArbor (1) Ben&JerrysWaterburyVT (3)Syracuse, New York  where we visited the Syracuse University and ate at Varsity Pizza near the campus.

The car show itself was held in Stowe, Vermont and called The British Invasion and is near Burlington, Vermont on the shores of Lake Champlain, which was the site of many early naval battles in our countries history.  We celebrated my birthday at the Ice House e in Burlington, Vermont on the shoreline.

StoweVTMeet2014 (1) StoweVTMeet2014 (2) StoweVTMeet2014 (3) StoweVTMeet2014 (4) StoweVTMeet2014 (5) StoweVTMeet2014 (6) StudebakerMuseumSouthBend (1) StudebakerMuseumSouthBend (3) StudebakerMuseumSouthBend (4)More that 700 British cars were at the show with many fine examples of MGBs.  The American MGB Association was kept buy on car show day signing up many new members. We also took the tour of the original Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Plant nearby.

On the way back we went through Canada and stopped in Montreal, Quebec and took a Gray Line tour to see the city  which was delayed by an environmental protest march.   We also went to Reubens and had Smoked Meat and Poutine.  Smoked Meat is a Montreal area specialty and tastes a little like a Pastrami and Salami mixture.  Poutine is sold everywhere including McDonalds and consists of French Fries with brown gravy and cheese chunks.

Leaving Montreal, we stopped in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada which is the capital of the Canada and saw the parliament building which dominate the downtown area.

Then on to Toronto with the great skyline and Times Square area at the corners of Yonge and Dundas Streets.

We then came back to the states through Windsor and Detroit where we met with a difficult border crossing BDayIceHouseBurlingtonVT (5) BDayIceHouseBurlingtonVT (4) BDayIceHouseBurlingtonVT (3) BDayIceHouseBurlingtonVT (1)guard questioning the items in the car.

A stop was then made in Ann Arbor, Michigan the home of the University of Michigan and ate near the campus at the Cottage Inn.

On the way back home we stopped at both the Studebaker Museum and University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

In all it was about 2300 miles of driving and I am looking forward to the next year’s adventure!

2014 Chicago Auto Show

My annual visit to the Chicago Auto Show occurred on February 10, 2014 with the American MGB Association.  Here are some photos:

Trip to the South for Car Show in Mississippi, New Orleans, Alabama, Nashville

The American MGB Association’s annual car show, Meet 2013 was held in Natchez, Mississippi.  This meant a another long drive by the officers to bring out the club items to the show.  This includes the table, chairs, tent, membership items and club regalia.

There were frequent stops in getting to the show including St. Louis, Missouri where we stopped in St. Louis at the Crown Candy Kitchen, a stop in Memphis, Tennessee at Beale Street and Corkys Bar-B-Cue and a stop in Oxford, Mississippi for Ole Miss University.

The car show itself was held in Natchez, Mississippi and called Brits on the Bluff as it overlooks the Mississippi River as is the site of many antebellum homes.

After the car show we stopped in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the middle of an LSU game (Louisiana State University), the Tobasco Factory in New Iberia, Louisiana and in New Orleans at the Camellia Grill and the French Quarter.  Others stops before heading back included Gulfport, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama; and Pensacola, Florida.

Heading back north we stopped in Montgomery, Alabama to visit the State Capitol Building, a stop in Birmingham, Alabama at Saw’s Soul Kitchen before heading to Nashville, Tennessee.  In Nashville we visited the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge.

Getting closer home included stops in Kentucky at the Jim Beam Distillery and the Louisville Sluggers Factory and at St. Elmos in Indianapolis, Indiana for their world famous shrimp cocktail.

Looking forward to the next year’s adventure!

2013 Labor Day Trip to Indianapolis

I went to Indianapolis this Labor Day weekend as it is a relatively short driver of about 175 miles.   Went to one of my favorite restaurants, St. Elmos Steak House in downtown Indianapolis.  I had the steak and of course their world famous shrimp cocktail while celebrating Kevin’s birthday. Also visited the Indy 500 Raceway going on the infield by way of the Museum parking lot.  Chuck, my dog also went along for the trip.